PRODUCTS  -  Immunoblotting Kits

Product Features

  • Simultaneous detection of multiple allergens in a single test
  • Increase sensitivity, accuracy and precision
  • High throughput system, with substantial time and cost savings

Product Types

Reference CodeProduct NameTest ItemMethodSample TypeTest/Kit
I-sIgG4-0701Food Specific Antibodies IgG4 Test Kit7ImmunoblottingSerum20
I-sIgG4-1001Food Specific Antibodies IgG4 Test Kit10ImmunoblottingSerum20
I-sIgG4-1401Food Specific Antibodies IgG4 Test Kit14ImmunoblottingSerum20
I-sIgG4-2001Food Specific Antibodies IgG4 Test Kit20ImmunoblottingSerum20
I-sIgG-0701Food Specific Antibodies IgG Test Kit7ImmunoblottingSerum20
I-sIgG-1001Food Specific Antibodies IgG Test Kit10ImmunoblottingSerum20
I-sIgG-1401Food Specific Antibodies IgG Test Kit14ImmunoblottingSerum20
I-sIgG-2001Food Specific Antibodies IgG Test Kit20ImmunoblottingSerum20
I-sIgE-XR-1001Inhalant allergen specific IgE antibody detection kit10ImmunoblottingSerum20
I-sIgE-XR-1001Food allergen specific IgE antibody detection kit12ImmunoblottingSerum20
I-slgE-HH-1901Inhalant- food allergen specific IgE antibody detection kit19ImmunoblottingSerum20
I-sIgE-HH-2801Inhalant- food allergen specific IgE antibody detection kit28ImmunoblottingSerum20